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CNC Machining

We have various CNC machines, one of our mills has the advantage of a large table size 1300x600x680mm and our lathe has driven tooling with a bar capacity of 78mm x 400mm swing and a 10” chuck. We are able to machine various pins, bosses and plates out of a range of materials; steel, stainless, aluminium, brass, copper and nylon.


On our premises we are well equipped for various projects of any size. Amongst our machines we have a MaxPro Hypertherm plasma cutter with oxygen inclusion ideal for making profiles/plates/gussets, which can take sheets of 1500x3000mm and cut up to 30mm thick. A hydraulic brake press 260 ton x 3700mm, automatic double mitre saw 410x280, roller and a 3 metre guillotine with a 6mm cutting capacity.


We cover large projects and smaller individual customer projects with the same attention to detail. From large of-site installations, maintenance and breakdown repairs to smaller on-site work. We also have the facility to do our own paint spraying and shot blasting in house.

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